5 innocent habits that will lead you to diabetes

Everyone knows that a disease is easier to prevent than to fight it. What should be avoided so that diabetes will forever remain beyond the boundaries of your personal reality?

People tend to single out the main thing from a large volume of information, and this is wonderful. But not always. So, for example, everyone knows the main factor that provokes the development of diabetes – excessive, unhealthy diet and, as a result, obesity. However, it is obvious that this factor is not the only one, otherwise diabetes mellitus would not be such a widespread and gaining momentum problem. Even with normal weight, regular exercise and relatively proper nutrition, the risk of developing diabetes, although significantly lower, is. Let’s look at what seemingly innocent habits increase the chances of getting diabetes.

Diabetes Means Love Owls

Type 2 diabetes mellitus , studies have shown, often develops in people who prefer or have to go to bed later (in the so-called “owls”) than in early birds. Moreover, this is not so much connected with the duration of sleep, but with its quality and often combined with late hang up habits (for example, late eating, smoking, a long stay in front of a TV, computer or favorite gadget, as well as low physical activity).

The habit of going to bed late should be eliminated whenever possible. If this is a forced habit (night or late work shifts, etc.), then try to eradicate at least the attendant “dangers”. Replace each approach to the refrigerator or smoke break with a 5-minute charge.

Diabetes comes to Nervous

Habit number 2 is stress. According to German scientists, the development of diabetes is almost twice as likely if a person is often exposed to significant stress. This is due to the release of cortisol (a hormone of the adrenal cortex) into the bloodstream, which has the opposite effect on insulin, that is, it increases blood sugar. In addition, stress disturbs sleep, the importance of which we spoke earlier.
In addition to stress, one should also mention depressive states, which, according to American scientists, increase the risk of developing diabetes by 23%.
In the fight against stress and depressive conditions can help sports, daily walks, good rest and, of course, the ability to appreciate what you have.

Little Vitamin D – Hello, Diabetes

Habit No. 3 – dislike for fish, mushrooms, dairy and other products that are sources of vitamin D. This is due to the fact that when you consume less than 15 micrograms of this vitamin per day, the pancreas, which produces, among other things, insulin, is disturbed.

Diabetes likes to watch TV

Fans should take a note in front of the TV: every hour spent watching a favorite TV show or TV show increases the opportunity to earn diabetes by about 4%, regardless of how many hours before this was spent in the gym. If you can’t reduce the amount of time in front of the screen to 1 hour per day, at least spend every ad unit in active traffic. In addition, if you have an exercise bike or treadmill, you can watch TV while in motion.

Innocent habit number 5 – few useful bacteria in food

The fewer beneficial bacteria in the intestine, the more harmful bacteria there that damage the intestinal wall and contribute to inflammatory processes. The consequence of such changes is an increased load on the digestive tract, including the pancreas. Over time, the likelihood of developing insensitivity of cells to insulin increases , and there is diabetes just around the corner.

In order to prevent such a course of events, include dairy products, cereals, bananas and other pre- and probiotics in the diet.

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