Depression increases the risk of diabetes, scientists found

A group of British scientists found that patients suffering from depression, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes is 60% higher. During a study by scientists from a college at the University of London, a genetic relationship was discovered between the two diseases. Scientists believe that their work in the future will help develop new methods of treatment for both diseases.

To participate in the study were invited 160 thousand pairs of twin donor volunteers. It was previously found that people with diabetes are more likely to be depressed and vice versa, but earlier it was believed that this relationship is completely random or due to their lifestyle. According to the results of a new study, it was found that genetic disorders are the main cause of both diseases.

As it turned out, by genetic characteristics, 87% of men are prone to the effects of depression and the development of diabetes. The weaker sex is prone to the disease in 75% of cases.

As part of the study, scientists found that patients with depression are 60% more likely to have diabetes, while patients with diabetes are 15% more likely to suffer from depression.

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