Diabetes impotence and how is it treated?

Men with diabetes, over time, face the problem of impaired potency. Moreover, it can appear at a young age. Is it possible to help a man to restore reduced sexual function?

What’s happening?

What is the effect of diabetes mellitus on male potency? Why does this problem occur? To understand the essence of pathology, you need to know how an erection occurs. This is the process of filling with blood microscopic vessels that expand during sexual arousal, which are contained in large numbers in the cavernous bodies of the penis. Excitation depends on the work of the nervous system, the main centers of which are located in the brain and spinal cord.

Hyperglycemia has a detrimental effect on all of these processes. The influence of diabetes on the centers of excitement is manifested in their oppression. As a result, libido decreases and the man is no longer able to respond to exciting factors.

How does hyperglycemia affect the nerve nodes in the spinal cord that are responsible for erection – just like in the brain – they are suppressed. The nerve impulse is not able to reach the penis – an erection does not occur.

The effect of diabetes on potency in men is also noted directly in the penis itself – high sugar changes the state of microvessels and they become unable to expand and fill with blood.

How to deal with the problem?

Is it possible to restore a man’s sexual health? Diabetic impotence can be reversible. It is important to start treatment on time and a man’s potency can return.

How to increase potency in the early stages of the disease? Changes in blood vessels and the nervous system in such cases are still minimal, therefore, adjusting glycemia and maintaining it at acceptable levels allows you to fully restore potency in diabetes mellitus.

Many men with hyperglycemia are overweight. And this is also one of the reasons that potency suffers. These symptoms can be alleviated by achieving weight loss. For this, a special diet and adequate physical activity are prescribed. In addition, some hypoglycemic drugs have a weight-loss effect.

Erectile dysfunction in later stages of diabetes should be corrected with more serious methods. To restore nerve conduction, thioctic acid preparations are used, for example, Berlition. Treatment of impotence in type 2 diabetes mellitus with this drug is a course, usually 10 droppers are prescribed every other day.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction in diabetes mellitus also includes the use of statins – drugs that lower cholesterol in the blood. Cholesterol, which rapidly accumulates in hyperglycemia, closes the lumen of the vessels, as a result of which they cannot fill with blood.

The main medicine for restoring male sexual function is drugs based on sildenafil. Their action is based on the expansion of the vessels of the corpora cavernosa and relaxation of the smooth muscle tissue in their wall. Thanks to this, the vessels are able to fill with blood – an erection occurs.

Such drugs include Viagra, Tornetis, Dynamiko. By themselves, these drugs do not cause sexual arousal, but facilitate the appearance of an erection.

Herbal remedies also help against impotence. They can be used as a complementary treatment. Means based on ginseng, kopeck are not contraindicated for diseases such as diabetes mellitus and the potency of men with regular use of herbal remedies is maintained for a long time. 

Diabetes mellitus and impotence – is it possible to use homeopathic remedies? Homeopathy for impotence exists. But such drugs do not always help. Homeopathic remedies have a selective effect – they may work, they may not have any effect. One of these drugs is Afala – it is produced in tablets, for the treatment of impotence it is prescribed for a long course.

Can diabetes mellitus irreversibly affect potency? With a long course and a high level of glycemia, it can. And with prolonged use of drugs to induce an erection, resistance develops to them and they cease to work. In such cases, it is necessary to resort to the use of surgical methods of treatment – vascular shunts are installed, which restore blood supply to the penis.

It is important to start treating impotence with hyperglycemia on time. Then the sexual function can be maintained longer.

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