diabetes and insulin

Diabetes mellitus: refusal of sugar and insulin injections

Diabetes   – this is when you can not eat sweet and   constantly need to check the level of sugar in   blood?

Roughly speaking this   So.By the way, diabetics products with   sugar can be , but   at   limited quantities   – follow   sugar level   blood.It is necessary to be checked several times in   day.It is important to understand that diabetes   – is not   sweet tooth disease.So, the occurrence of type 1 diabetes is not   associated with   excessive consumption of sweets.is he   develops when a person’s immune system attacks his own pancreas, which is why it no longer   produces insulin.AT   case with   diabetes type 2 sugar only indirectly causes disease   – by myself   imagine he   not   causes diabetes .Typically, type 2 diabetes appears in   people with   overweight, to   which often results in unlimited intake of high-calorie foods,   including sweets.

What else, besides sugar, should be limited? You can, for example, just replace sugar with   honey   – he   is it useful?

To make a healthy diet plan for diabetes and   take into account the peculiarities of your body, it is best to turn to   nutritionist.But   there is and   general recommendations.TO   For example, it is advisable to eat three times a day.   day in   one and   that   same time and   give up   fatty and   high-calorie meals.Need to go to   “Healthy” carbohydrates that are contained in   fruits , legumes (beans, peas and   lentils) and   low-fat dairy products.

In diabetes, it is important to consume a lot of fiber, which is contained in   nuts, vegetables, whole wheat flour and   wheat bran.Fish can be a good alternative to meat: it is desirable to eat it   twice in   week but   not only   fry as well   cook on   steamed or baked.BUT   Now, replace sugar with honey   will turn out   – he   for a person with   diabetes is even more harmful than sugar.Such   same story with   agave nectar and   maple syrup that in   The stores offer a healthy alternative to sugar.

AND   how to understand which products are harmful, and   on   what you need to lean on?

For example, using the glycemic index   – is an indicator of speed, with   which contained in   carbohydrates are absorbed by the body and   raise sugar levels   blood.But   there are many nuances here and   difficulties.You should also carefully study the product labels.   – True, manufacturers sometimes do not   indicate the actual amount of sugar, for example in   juices.AT   In this case, please note   whether in   the composition of the product is honey, sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose, maltose, molasses and   hydrolyzed starch   – it’s all that   same sugar, only under a different name.Also, some manufacturers indicate the amount of added sugar in   product but   not   indicate how much in   it contains fructose.Therefore, all fruit drinks, juices and   smoothies better to replace   fresh fruit   which glycemic index is exactly lower.

Important to have in   See, that many low-fat products, too, contain sugar.Choosing what to buy and   eat hold in   head what in   ideally need not consume   more than about 25 g   sugar in   day.Maximum daily intake of sugar for children 4–7 years old   without diabetes   – it’s 19   g   (5 teaspoons of sugar), for children of 7–10 years old   – 24   g   (6 teaspoons of sugar), for anyone older than 11,   – thirty   g   (7 teaspoons of sugar).

People with   diabetes should avoid dairy products with   high fat, processed meat products (say goodbye to   sausages and   bacon) and   baking.It is important to understand that for a person with   diabetes is not harmful   only products with   high in sugar but   also fatty and   high-calorie.AT   general if you   follow the basic principles of healthy eating, watch out for   serving size and   carbohydrate   – you   on   the right way.

If you   accidentally eaten (well   not   held out) something sweet and   harmful   – what will and   what to do?

Two hours after eating, the glucose level in   blood will peak   – and   you   may feel tired .AT   such a situation you need to measure the level of sugar as you   do it usually, and   adjust insulin dose.Similar breakdowns and   concessions if they arise from   times in   times, it’s difficult to control sugar levels   blood.

Try to eat less sweets.Is not   means from   they need to be abandoned once and   forever (this is a myth ).Sometimes you can afford a little sweet, but   exclusively in   as a treat and   neither   at   in no case   to satisfy hunger and   quick snack.BUT   for some people with   diabetes sugary drinks or glucose tablets are even necessary when glucose levels in   blood is too low.

Switch to   sweets with   marked “for people with   not diabetes either   worth: in   they contain fructose and   sorbitol, saturated and   trans fats .They are so   same as   regular sugar affect   sugar level in   blood and   Often turn out to be even more nutritious than ordinary sweets.Better buy chocolate with   high cocoa content (it’s still not a lot of   eat) or chocolate with   fruit as well   not   nut filling (nut more high-calorie)   – eat it little by little and   slowly, enjoying the taste.

Insulin injections will have to be done every day before   end of life   – or only when the sugar level rose?

With type 1 diabetes, injections will have to be done daily .If not   use insulin, a person will simply die.AND   no that’s not   “Insulin addiction”: if you say the opposite, then   then it will be necessary to recognize that air is a narcotic for all people, because without it they are not   canIn type 2 diabetes, sugar-reducing tablets may be prescribed first, but   if they don’t   help then   assigned to insulin .

BUT   diabetes sports can be practiced or you need to protect yourself from   any physical activity?

It’s all individually   – more precisely, only a doctor can tell you.However, it is known that in case of diabetes, moderate exercise is beneficial , since the movement of muscles leads to   increased sugar absorption by muscle cells   – and   thanks to this the sugar level in   blood is reduced.For people with   type 2 diabetes training and   absolutely necessary: ​​they help control   weight.It is recommended to spend 150 minutes in   week on   any aerobic activity (exercises that increase heart rate and   make you sweat)   – fast walking, easy running, riding on   cycling, water aerobics , tennis and   the most common badminton.

In   exercise time you need to take precautions and   remember that in   Moderation is important for everyone: due to too much physical exertion, the sugar level may drop sharply .TO   a word for   abroad, there are specially trained dogs that sense a dangerous decline in sugar levels in   blood in   training time and   give about   know this master.

It is said that   people with   diabetes worse any wounds heal. It’s true?

Often this is true .High glucose in   blood caused by diabetes mellitus damages blood vessels and   nerve endings.Because of this in   hands and   bad blood circulates in the legs   – it greatly complicates the process of skin recovery and   healing   wounds.Moreover, if the wound is open and   not   heals for several months in   gangrene may develop in some cases.Exactly why a person with   diabetes is very important to control open wounds, abrasions, cuts and   blisters on   feet and   be sure to treat them   properly.

BUT   on   Does diabetes affect your sex life?

Yes.Approximately 50% of men and   25% of women face   sexual problems or loss of sexual desire due to diabetes.Have   men diabetes can lead to   diabetic neuropathy and, as a result, to   problems with   erection and   reaching orgasm ( one of   three men with   diabetes is suffering from   erectile dysfunction ).Any violations that occur must be discussed with   doctor he   will tell you which of   problems are treatable.Have   diabetes can cause inflammation of the genitals, thrush and   cystitis.

Well   children can give birth or the child will be born with   diabetes?

To give birth or not, it’s up to you to decide   you.BUT   there will be   do u   child diabetes   – depends on   many factors .AT   Most cases of type 1 diabetes develop when a child inherits a predisposition from   both parents.If   father, type 1 diabetes, the likelihood that   child will have diabetes   – approximately 6%.If a woman with   type 1 diabetes will give birth to a child   25 years old then   for a child the risk of developing this disease   – 4%, and   if after   Something   one%.If type 1 diabetes is   both parents then   the risk of developing diabetes for a child is 10–25%.

If   women type 2 diabetes (diagnosed before   50 years),   the risk that   child will have diabetes   – 14%.If he was diagnosed after 50 years,   risk of developing diabetes in   baby   – eight%.If a   same   both parents have type 2 diabetes then   risk of its occurrence   baby   – 50%.

BUT   I   can make u   me not   had diabetes?

Of course but   only in   case of type 2 diabetes   – Type 1 diabetes to prevent not   work out .Need to eat right and   be physically active.If a   same   you have excess weight then   beginning with   40 years and still need   regularly check your sugar level   blood and   keep an eye on   blood pressure.

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