Diabetes . what to do?

“Polina, advise a doctor!”
“What are the tests for all deficits?”
“What drink? What vitamins, dietary supplements ? “

How many mothers are in this state of confusion, the feeling that they urgently need to run somewhere, do something, look for nutritionists, doctors, treat treat treat … EXHALATE. ✅ First, learn about diabetes as soon as possible . Features of insulin therapy, correct calculation of coefficients, XE, principles of insulin operation. Hospital diabetes schools to help, books like Ragnar Khanas “Type 1 Diabetes”, tons of information on the internet.

When this vital base is there and you understand that help to the body is not limited to insulin therapy alone, realize that without proper nutrition, everything else is empty.

✅ Engage in building a diet. It is not easy when there are habits formed over the years. This is the most important and most effective thing you can do. Give yourself time to do this. The body will begin to recover little by little. The microbiota will begin to “rebuild”. Latent inflammations will go away. It will become easier for you to control your sugar. The body will receive more important “building blocks” from food. No magic pills can achieve this! Give yourself this base. It took us months. And then, when you realize that you figured it out, that you calmed down, when the resources appear, you can move on.  

What can you do now besides nutrition?

✅ Find a good osteopath (ideally) or massage therapist. Don’t underestimate body work.

✅ Take a course of salt baths. I alternating marine and magnesium ( angliĭskuyu ) salt.

✅ Take care of yourself ̆, your ̆ heads ̆, your condition. Books, psychologists ( choose a specialist with your heart), simple practices that you can do on your own to regain yourself, return the ground under your feet. This greatly affects the child , his condition and his sugar. ✅ Now, when everything is good in your nutrition, when your mind is calm, when panic and fears are gone, you can start to study deeper the topic of health, look at different approaches, specialists. Take your time to study the information that is in the public domain. Listen to yourself, your feelings. Not every praised doctor is really needed and will help you. Learn to trust yourself, feel people ̆. A huge amount of information is now literally lying under our feet. Is free. Articles, videos of cool specialists on YouTube , a lot of posts and videos on Instagram . Read , see, choose yours. Once again: with openness to any information, but without blind trust in anyone else. This is why there are no instructions here. Go there, make ̆ it. If you want to go further, you need to take responsibility in choosing the path, mentors, methods and learn, learn by yourself.

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