DiaVit . Better quality of life with diabetes

In 2006, the first creams appeared in pharmacies under the name DIADERM, on which it was written: “RECOMMENDED FOR DIABETES.” Then it was three foot creams. Then the series expanded, there were six creams. Then DIADENT oral hygiene products appeared, and the whole line received the general name “DIAVITĀ®”.

Are there really special creams for people with diabetes?

Conventional care cosmetics, such as moisturizing and softening creams, are designed for healthy skin that has been exposed to adverse external factors. The composition of conventional creams is designed to compensate for the lack of nutrients (primarily fats) and water. This is enough for daily care.

In diabetes, skin problems are primarily associated with high blood glucose levels, that is, with the systemic disease itself. Due to diabetes, the condition of the small blood vessels that permeate the lower layers of the skin is disturbed, and it does not receive enough water. The skin becomes dry, flaky and itchy. The chemical reaction of glucose with the protein collagen leads to a deterioration in the structure of the elastic network of collagen and elastin, which maintains the elasticity of the skin and is responsible for its healthy appearance. The rate of peeling of the upper layer of dead skin cells – corneocytes – changes , and in some areas of the skin (on the heels, fingertips) a thick horny crust is formed – hyperkeratosis.

But skin problems in people with diabetes are not limited to xeroderma (dry skin). In the folds of the skin, skin irritation occurs more often due to friction and a humid environment, diaper rash is formed, which causes discomfort and can be the beginning of an infection. It is known that the risk of infection, both bacterial and fungal, in diabetes is several times higher than in healthy people.

Therefore, cosmetic chemists, when developing specialized care products, always take these skin features into account. Moreover, you have to think over the composition of several products: it is impossible to solve all problems with one type of cream, they are too different. So a whole series of DiaDerm creams appeared , each of which is designed to solve a specific skin problem.

Are there any special considerations when choosing oral hygiene products for diabetics?

Diabetes and oral problems have long been known to be linked. According to the International Diabetes Federation (idf.org), 93% of people with diabetes have some kind of negative oral condition. This is the syndrome of dry mouth, and fungal lesions of the mucous membrane, and various inflammatory diseases of the gums (gingivitis, periodontitis). And, of course, caries, multiple caries, when many teeth are involved in the destructive process. The leading role in the prevention of serious complications in the oral cavity is played by the choice of hygiene products: toothpaste and rinse.

How do you decide which ones to choose?

Of course, you can carefully study what is included in the composition of the paste or rinse. Understand what function a particular ingredient performs. Choose the right product. Agree, quite a difficult task. It is much easier to opt for specialized products that were created specifically for people with diabetes, taking into account the specifics of their problems.

So 8 years ago, two DiaDent complexes appeared in pharmacies : DiaDent REGULAR – for prevention, for regular use and DiaDent ACTIVE – with anti-inflammatory action to solve already far-reaching problems: bleeding and sore gums.

So it is better to trust professionals who have already taken care of diabetics and almost 15 years ago made special skin and oral care products for them, gentle and effective.

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