Doctors have begun treating diabetes by fasting

A group of leading experts from a British university concluded that fasting can defeat diabetes. This information was obtained after doctors implemented a unique experiment. During the tests, specialists studied the effect of dietary restrictions on the general health of patients suffering from metabolic disorders. According to the results of studies, doctors recorded that the development of this serious disease can be prevented if the patient adheres to a “useful hunger strike”.

It should be noted that several years ago a group of scientists put forward a theory that states the healing properties of fasting. In particular, this treatment method has a particular effect on men and women suffering from diabetes. At the moment, British physicians conducted a series of laboratory tests that allow to refute or confirm such proposals.

It turns out that starvation significantly improved the health status of many volunteers who agreed to participate in the experiment. In addition, some subjects suffering from diabetes relatively recently managed to completely recover from this ailment.

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