Fast food increases the likelihood of developing ischemia by 5 times

The danger of fast food has long been scientifically proven, and this evidence is based not only on observations, but on clinical tests. The main feature of fast food is its high calorie content and low nutrient content. Researchers at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health decided to test the connection between fast food and serious illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

They found a direct connection between the increase in the number of people suffering from these diseases and the use of various kinds of fast food. As it turned out, the belief that if you eat once, then there will be nothing, is a myth. According to statistics, people who eat fast food even once a week have a 20% higher risk of dying from coronary heart disease than people who avoid eating fast food. In people who eat in fast food establishments twice a week, this figure rises to 50%. For people who eat fast foods four or more times a week, the risk of death from ischemia increases to 80%.

Scientists have also done research on type 2 diabetes. It turned out that two or more times a week visits to fast food establishments increase the risk of a person developing diabetes by 27%. According to Andrew Odegard, Ph.D. and lead author of the study, now a huge number of deaths from these two diseases are registered in the countries of Southeast Asia, where the fashion for fast food reached less than a dozen years ago. Globalization, which once affected traditional society, has led to the fact that the nations inhabiting this part of the planet are rapidly expanding the register of victims of fast food. 

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