Festive table for diabetics. What are we serving?

After the publication of a series of my cooking articles, applications began to come to me. Readers make specific requests. One of them contained the following question: “Mom will soon have an anniversary. She has long had diabetes. I want to cook something tasty and healthy for her. Advise. “

My dad had diabetes in my family. He has not been with us for more than 30 years … I began to recall what we were preparing for him then. Here are such delicious memories:

Buckwheat pilaf “Luxury of simplicity” .

For pilaf, we need two glasses of buckwheat kernel. Washed and calcined in a dry frying pan. (We ignite for 5 minutes, stirring all the time. Then buckwheat will get a very pleasant taste.)

Pour vegetable oil into a cauldron or gosladyotnik, put two finely chopped onions, and passer them. There we drop 500 g of lean beef, cut into small pieces. Fry. Next – 500 g of carrots, grated on a coarse grater or cut into cubes or straws. Fill it all with two glasses of water, salt to taste and bring it almost to readiness with the lid closed.    

Then, pour evenly calcined buckwheat into the cauldron, salt and pour two more glasses of water. With spices, I would not risk it. Remember, we cook for diabetics. Bay leaf and a couple of peppercorns. Close the lid and simmer on the slowest fire for 20-30 minutes. Buckwheat should become swollen, crumbly. 

On a beautiful dish, spread our buckwheat pilaf with a slide. The main course is ready.

Good to such a dish salad “Health” 

I licked this recipe in a very expensive restaurant. So simple and fresh! Judging by the ingredients that make up it, the salad in our case will be just the topic. 

Petiole celery, Chinese cabbage (you can take young white cabbage), fresh carrots. All vegetables are cut into long strips. Homemade cheese or Adyghe cheese is cut into medium-sized cubes. In the original, dried apricots were part of the salad, and this gave the dish an unimaginable note of sweetness. In our case, I recommend adding a few slices of grapefruit, peeled from veins and peels. 

Separately served in an oiler olive oil, previously infused with your favorite herbs and spices. The salad is excellent in taste and perfectly emphasizes all the advantages of buckwheat pilaf.

Stuffed zucchini “boat of love 

The dish is simple and very tasty. We clean the young zucchini, cut along. Remove the middle with a spoon. It turns out something like a boat. We are preparing the filling in order to fill them with love.

Mushrooms, peel and finely chop. Lightly fry, add the pulp of zucchini and one peeled tomato. Solim. Add a lot of greens and one egg. The filling is ready. Slightly add halves of zucchini – our workpieces. We spread the filling with a slide. Pour some water on a baking sheet and lay out the boats. Bake for 20 minutes. Another dish for our loved ones is ready. 

For dessert, baked apples with cinnamon “Fantasy on the theme” are perfect . 

Scientists have proven that cinnamon restores tissue sensitivity to insulin and helps control blood sugar levels.

Therefore, it is important to consume at least a gram of cinnamon per day. 

My apples. Remove the core. We start with a mixture of nuts and sprinkle with cinnamon. If apples are sour , sprinkle with sweetener or fructose. But it is better to do without them. 

We put in the form, after pouring two or three tablespoons of water to the bottom. We put in the oven and bake for 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Baked apples are a favorite treat in my family. Usually we cook them like this when we are already full of fresh and want variety. Such apples with rowan and pumpkin as a filling are very tasty . Especially if the mountain ash is already seized by frost. 

If instead of nuts, mountain ash or pumpkin, put a spoonful of cottage cheese inside an apple, you get a completely dietary dish. You can decorate apples with curd cream. Great luxury – a lake of cottage cheese sauce and a weary stuffed apple … Mmm! Such a dessert on any holiday table will look full.  

As a drink, I will offer the recipe for coffee “Family Traditions” 

Scientists have proven that decaffeinated coffee helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

Pour ground coffee into boiling water and immediately , not allowing the water to boil again, remove the coffee pot or Turk from the fire and cover it with a lid. After about five minutes we pour coffee into beautiful cups, after rinsing them with boiling water. 

I have in my recipe collection such a recipe for the Nuts Whistle cocktail . Why it is called that is hard to say. But the taste of this drink is unusually soulful. Give it a try!

One large mango, four small apples and 250 g of cucumbers. 

Let’s make juice from all the ingredients. Then beat it with pieces of ice. From this amount of products you get two large cocktail glasses. Invigorates. Inspires optimism. Impressive. It’s hard to come up with something tastier.

In order for diabetes not to remind itself, it is necessary to follow a diet, exercise and monitor your weight. And all these dishes will become good helpers! Be healthy!

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