Gadgets for the sick diabetes

Modern medical devices as well projects leading developers will allow diabetics constantly Keep the situation under control. Experienced diabetics who are accustomed to carefully monitor their health, insist that diabetes is not a disease, but a way of life. With constant monitoring of blood sugar levels and regular screening with this pathology, you can live a long and high-quality life, bypassing the serious consequences of diabetes. It is worth noting that with the development of new technologies, it became even easier to monitor your health. Thanks modern Gadgets that specially were developed by for sick with sugar diabetic control level Sahara has become still easier and more reliable.

iBGStar – meter in your phone

Medical company “Sanofi” together with “ Apple ” has developed a special gadget iBGStar , which can make measurements of the concentration of sugar in their own blood. However, for Togo to to use according to device must own such devices like an iPhone or iPod Touch.

iBGStar is a small device that connects to a player or phone. For analysis of blood enough Total only one drops . Fence of blood performed by special miniature strip that is at the bottom parts devices. Specially developed by software security allows process data as well keep everything values on throughout certain of time. This gadget will be especially useful to persons suffering from diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, because it allows you to monitor your health in real time.

Electric Power Charges

Diabetics are known to have a high risk of developing painful ulcers, especially on the feet. Such ulcers require thorough care and how Typically, long treatment. Specially for diabetics It was developed by new generation bandages with the presence of on their surface electrical areas that speeds up process healing wounds. Bandages, dressings bandages and dressings Healfast are able decide the problem soreness diabetic sores that is achieved thanks to electric charges. Besides Moreover, such bandages highly convenient to use and can overlap one by hand.

Bracelet – blood glucose meter

Inventor Eli Khariton designed a special bracelet that combines a blood glucose meter, and a syringe to inject the required insulin dose. Note that idea inventor still not was realized, however, myself mechanism worthy to about it write. Bracelet designed by so a way that will be able for constantly collect data about level blood sugar with skin the patient. Device will be have memory and user will be able browse through data behind certain period of time. More of using bracelet can will be spend injections insulin . With this dose insulin will be calculated according from concentration blood glucose.

Indicator lenses for diabetics

Researchers from the Akron Institute have developed special lenses for patients with diabetes. It turns out that the level of Sahara can measure by a tear. If a level blood glucose rises, lenses are starting change your Colour like litmus a piece of paper.

In order to be able to quickly and accurately determine the change in color of the lens, developed a special application for smartphones with a camera. Thats there, for Togo to discover level blood sugar, the patient is necessary myself simply take a picture. On given stage everything still pass clinical trials such lenses and in the case their successful conduct through some years old such lenses will be available to everyone.

Medical clip “Gluos”

Inventor Tobias Fortsch has developed a special “Gluos” clip earring that attaches to the earlobe. Separately to earring attached special adapter can connect to iphone or a smartphone. On a special adapter there are three light bulbs: if the red light comes on, then the sugar level is lowered, if the white light is normal, if it is yellow, the glucose level is elevated. In addition, when a device is in danger, it beeps, and it can also be connected via wireless communication with computers.

Inhalers for measuring glucose

The future is bloodless methods of measuring blood sugar levels. And one of such methods are inhalers for measurements glucose ” NinosGl “. With the help of such a sensor can trace and dynamics process for him optimization.

In addition to inhaler systems for measuring blood glucose levels, the use of inhalers for insulin administration is also suggested. depending from indicators level blood sugar, such inhaler will be to generate necessary quantity insulin for the patient.

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