How to cook cutlets for a diabetic?

As a matter of fact, diabetic meatballs are prepared in the same way as any other homemade meatballs: the prepared meat is formed into meatballs, which are then fried in a pan. If desired, then the patties can be stewed with sauce. The focus is different in the ingredients.   

The fact that the “store” stuffing is prepared with the addition of lard or beef fat. And minced chicken, which many tend to consider almost dietary, contains poultry skin – the fattest part. That is, a similar ingredient is initially contraindicated in diabetics. In addition, a loaf soaked in milk is usually added to the cutlet mass, which is also prohibited. Therefore, the cutlet mass for a diabetic needs to be prepared a little differently.   

Minced meat will require lean beef or veal, as well as poultry (chicken or turkey) without skin. Optimum proportion: 1: 1. The meat is twisted in a meat grinder. You can also cook minced meat – using a vegetable cutter. 

Having solved the issue with minced meat, we decide the issue with the filler. A loaf of milk is an excellent filler, but it categorically does not suit us, because we are going to feed a diabetic. Therefore, we use either oatmeal or oatmeal, soaking this ingredient in water – until it swells.  

Combining minced meat and swollen oatmeal, adding egg, salt and spices to taste, we get an excellent cutlet for diabetics.  

Cutlets are formed in the same way as any other, then laid out on a hot pan with a drop of vegetable oil, fried on both sides. 

  • Diabetic cutlets can be prepared with the filling, using hard boiled eggs in combination with finely chopped herbs.
  • Also, as a filling, mushrooms fried with onions are great.

In addition, fried cutlets can be stewed – put them in a saucepan, pour water, add peppercorns (allspice and black), bay leaf and salt, if necessary, bring to a boil and simmer for five to ten minutes. After that, you can add oatmeal diluted in water (one or two tablespoons, depending on the desired sauce density and the number of cutlets) with the addition of tomato paste (if desired) and simmer for another five minutes. As a result, we get cutlets with sauce. 

Such a dish of minced meat pleasantly diversifies the diabetic table.  

Cutlets can be prepared not only from meat, but also from the liver – chicken or beef. Stuffing is prepared from a mixture of liver, passed through a meat grinder, with oatmeal soaked in water or flour. Salt, spices are added to taste. Do not forget to add eggs.  

Note that the stuffing from the liver is quite liquid, and plump cute cutlets do not work. These cutlets are more like pancakes, which, however, does not affect the taste – they taste pretty. Serve liver patties better with finely chopped herbs. 

Mushrooms in the sauce will serve as a pleasant addition to liver patties (mushroom sauce is prepared in the same way as cutlet sauce – oatmeal is thoroughly stirred in water), stewed cabbage (very useful for diabetics), various salads. 

We remind you that there are various types of diabetes mellitus , in addition, patients also have a non-standard reaction to some products. Therefore, if an ingredient was found in recipes that was not previously used, it is better to consult with your doctor or replace it with something more familiar and probably safe.  

Bon Appetit!

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