How to get hypoglycemic drugs for free

In Ukraine, people with type 2 diabetes can receive hypoglycemic drugs (pills) for free or with a small co-payment. Since 2019, the program “ Available liki ” , within which some medicines are paid from the state budget.

What hypoglycemic agents are included in the program “ Available faces “

It is important to know that only monopreparations take part in the program , that is, those that include one active substance. Of the hypoglycemic drugs in 2020, the program included drugs:

  • Based on the active substance Metformin ( Metformin ): Diaformin , Metamin , Metformin Indar , Metformin-Astrapharm , Metformin-Sanofi , Mefarmil .
  • Based on the active ingredient gliclazide ( Gliclazide ): Diaglizid , Gliklada , Gliklazide-Teva , Diabeton , Gliklazide -Health.
  • Based on the active ingredient glibenclamide ( Glibenclamidum ): Glibenclamide , Glibenclamide – Health.

*You can also get drugs to treat heart disease and asthma through this program. You just need to get a prescription for them from your family doctor.

How to get hypoglycemic drugs under the program “ Available faces “

From April 1, 2019 “ Available liki ” work only with an electronic prescription issued by a family doctor, therapist or pediatrician through the electronic health system.

Step 1. Sign up and come to an appointment with a family doctor, therapist or pediatrician with whom you have signed a declaration.

Step 2: Your doctor will give you an appointment to decide which treatment is right for you.

Step 3. The doctor must check your phone number, and then write a prescription in the e-health system.

Step 4. You will receive an SMS on your mobile phone with a unique prescription number and a confirmation code for receiving medicines at the pharmacy. SMS content: “Your prescription: XXXX-XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX. Confirmation code: XXXX”.

Step 5. If necessary, the doctor can print out a consultation statement for you, which contains a section with prescriptions, in particular medication prescriptions. This section contains information about the prescribed medicines and the electronic prescription number. This service is free for you!

Step 6. With this SMS or printed prescription, you can go to any convenient pharmacy that has a “Available” sticker on it. faces “.

Step 7. At the pharmacy, you tell the worker your prescription number. And he/she offers you drugs that they have and are included in the program.

Step 8. You choose what works for you, give a four-digit verification code, and get your drugs for free or a small co-pay.

Step 9. If the drug you need is not available, you can go to another pharmacy and get the drugs there – regardless of your place of residence or registration.

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