In the visible and hidden signs of diabetes in women

Diabetes mellitus is an insidious disease that may not manifest itself for a long time. All visible signs of this disease — weight loss or weight gain, fatigue, dry mouth, or itching — can either be mild or absent. The main symptom of diabetes is elevated blood glucose levels.

Diabetes: Symptoms

Diabetes mellitus is considered to be a modern disease. Indeed, today this disease is becoming very common, although it was known even to the healers of antiquity. With diabetes mellitus in humans, the level of glucose in the blood is constantly elevated, since the pancreas is insufficient or does not release insulin at all – a hormone designed to reduce sugar levels to normal. As a result, a serious disease develops, in which the nervous system, blood vessels, metabolic organs and other body systems are affected.

Women are more likely to suffer from this insidious disease. It is believed that this is due to the fact that the weaker sex is not indifferent to sweets. In fact, the reason is that in the female body the endocrine system works differently, and during hormonal rearrangements that occur during pregnancy or menopause, there are violations in the production of insulin. If you start the treatment of diabetes in the early stages of its development, the likelihood of complications is very small, but diabetes is difficult to notice at the initial stage. Nevertheless, there are many signs that indicate the possibility of diabetes in women.

If you have doubts about the presence of this disease, and you observe some symptoms of diabetes, be sure to consult a doctor to confirm or deny the diagnosis. Running diabetes can be very dangerous

Signs of type 1 diabetes in women

Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a type of disease in which insulin in the body is produced in insufficient quantities, it does not have time to reduce the level of sugar in the blood. This disease is characteristic mainly of young girls. Its visible signs include increased fatigue, dry mouth, constant thirst, frequent urination, sudden weight loss. Appetite can be both normal and elevated, but the weight, despite the calories gained, is constantly falling. If you do not see a doctor with such symptoms, the disease progresses, other signs appear: drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, the smell of acetone from the mouth. Over time, if not treated, it can lead to a significant deterioration in the person’s condition, fainting, severe fatigue, and even coma.

In the first stages of type 1 diabetes, the disease may not manifest itself, the symptoms are not pronounced and invisible. The surest sign of the presence of this disease is high blood sugar, a hidden symptom that may not affect the well-being and appearance of the woman. The level of glucose in the blood can be found by donating blood for analysis or using a home instrument to determine sugar.

Therefore, doctors recommend that women, without exception, even without visible signs of diabetes, systematically monitor this indicator at least once a year.

Special attention should be paid to girls with a hereditary predisposition – who have relatives with diabetes, this disease is often inherited.

Signs of type 2 diabetes in women

Type 2 diabetes, on the contrary, is inherent mainly in older people, it most often develops in women older than 40 years. It manifests itself against the background of relative insulin deficiency – this means that the pancreas produces enough insulin, but the cells of the human body are not susceptible to this hormone. As a result, the patient’s blood sugar rises, the cells begin to starve, and insulin too much. Type 2 diabetes at the initial stages is even more inconspicuous than type 1 diabetes.

Signs of Diabetes

Some women also have dry mouth and frequent urination, thirst, itching.

Type 2 diabetes leads to the fact that people often have infectious diseases, poorly heal wounds, but older women rarely pay attention to these signs, writing them off by age. They reassure themselves that the weight does not decrease, there is no nausea and vomiting, as well as the smell of acetone from the mouth that is common in diabetics. But these signs do not appear in type 2 diabetes mellitus; on the contrary, this disease most often develops in obese women.

All the above symptoms do not always appear in patients with diabetes in the complex, and sometimes not at all.

Good appetite, typical of many women with this disease, is considered a sign of good health and confusing. Therefore, the development of type 2 diabetes should also be carefully monitored. Type 2 diabetes is also diagnosed based on the amount of sugar in the blood, if your blood glucose level exceeds 6.1 mmol per liter, you should immediately consult a doctor. Otherwise, diabetes can lead to complications such as problems with the heart and blood vessels, reduced vision, impaired smell, atherosclerosis of the arteries, renal failure, infectious diseases.

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