The parade of simple carbohydrates ends with malt sugar – maltose. This is one of the products of the breakdown of starch. In its pure form, maltose is found in malt (maltose syrup) – hence the name, as well as in honey and beer.

Honey will have to be abandoned

Speaking of simple sugars, one cannot but mention honey. Unfortunately, for diabetes mellitus, this wonderful product will have to be abandoned even (and first of all!) During colds, when we are all accustomed to using it as a medicine, not without reason.

More than 75% of honey consists of simple sugars: pure glucose – 35%, fructose – 35%, sucrose – 7%, dextrins (starch processing products, which are later converted into fructose) – 3-4%.

The conclusion is clear. Such an amount of rapidly absorbed carbohydrates will not pass without a trace for the body – the level of glucose in the blood will skyrocket, and it will be very difficult to return it to its place. This is especially important just in the period of acute diseases, when diabetes is already decompensated. Having eaten a spoonful of honey in the expectation of its antiviral effect, a person aggravates the course of diabetes, delaying and complicating the course of the common cold.

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