Novasweet: the benefits and harms of a sweetener, reviews

In the vast majority of cases, people with a history of diabetes mellitus do not consume granulated sugar, preferring to replace it with sweeteners. This is necessary in order not to provoke a violation of the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Today, the most popular and demanded sweetener is Novasweet Stevia. The famous sugar substitute contains fructose and sorbitol and can be freely used in cooking and cold cooking.

It is necessary to consider what benefits and harms it has, to study the production line of the Novasvit sweetener. And you also need to find out what properties it has, whether it provokes an increased appetite and other reactions of the body.

Product line

Novasweet grape sugar is not a single product, but a whole range of products that have certain characteristics. Any product can be found in regular stores, it is not difficult to purchase them.

Classic or traditional Novasweet sweetener is sold in a plastic box with a dispenser. The package can contain 650 or 1200 tablets, which include saccharin and cyclamate.

Sucralose is sold in tablets, each blister contains 150 pieces. The dosage per day should not exceed one tablet per 5 kilograms of the patient’s body weight. Stevia is also available in tablets, there are 150 pieces in a blister, the dosage is exactly the same as that of sucralose.

On store shelves you can find the following lines:

  • Aspartame 500g – available in tablets, has a dispenser. The dose is one tablet per kilogram of body weight per day.
  • Sugar substitute Novasvit Prima is a synthetic sweetener that includes several sweeteners. Due to its intake, dextrose in the blood does not increase.
  • Sorbitol is available in powder form of 500 grams. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is used in cooking, does not lose its properties during freezing and during heat treatment of food.

Patient reviews show that all sweeteners are indeed a good substitute for granulated sugar.

Diabetics recommend purchasing Novasweet 1200, since the cost is low, and the packaging is enough for a long period of time.

The composition and use of the product

It seems that the choice is simply huge, let the diabetic choose a sugar substitute that he likes and tastes. But if you carefully read the product labels and study its composition, then everything is not at all as rosy as it seems.

Novosvit tablets include substances from the cyclamate group, saccharin, aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame. Definitely, there are no genetically modified components in this composition, but there is absolutely no benefit from them.

All these components are substances of synthetic (artificial) origin, as a result of which their usefulness is reduced to zero. The only exception is Novasvit Stevia, which contains only the extract of the plant, nothing more.

It is about her that we can say that it is a completely safe sweetener that will not harm health.

And yet, what to expect from such products, benefit or harm? It is necessary to consider the effect of the classic sweetener on the human body:

  1. The product does not increase blood sugar in diabetics, therefore a diet with high sugar levels allows its use.  
  2. The sweetener does not contain GMOs.
  3. The composition additionally includes vitamins. This is very important, especially in cases where the diabetic follows a strict diet.
  4. There are many positive reviews from ordinary consumers.
  5. Low price, convenient packaging, which has a dispenser.

Indeed, if you read the reviews of people, then any analogue loses in comparison with the classic sugar substitute Novasvit. Moreover, there are many reviews of those people who use this product for two years or more. They claim that no worsening of the condition has been identified during this period.

However, doctors note that an allergy may develop from the use of a sweetener if the patient has an intolerance to the ingredients.

As a rule, several substances are combined in one sweetener, which must be taken into account.

Sweetener harm

As all of the above shows, the sweetener has some benefits, but also harm is noted. Suffice it to say that it contains cyclamate, which, not only is of synthetic origin, is also capable of accumulating in the body, which leads to toxic effects.

The sweetener Novasvit is an inorganic product, and it irritates the taste buds, preventing sugar from entering the bloodstream. All this together leads to a significant increase in appetite.

Therefore, we can conclude that if a diabetic adheres to a strict diet, then this sugar substitute will not work for him, since it promotes overeating.

Features of dissolution in products:

  • In hot drinks, such as tea, the tablets dissolve well, and this is a plus.
  • As for cold drinks, for example, milk, kefir and others, the tablet does not sell well, you have to grind it, and then add it, which causes certain inconveniences.

Speaking about taste, the reviews of diabetics are so contradictory that it is difficult to find even a middle ground. Some reviews indicate the bitterness of the tablets, others say that they are not sweet enough.

But as the article shows, there is a large line of products, so you can choose to your taste. Undoubtedly, it is better to give preference to Stevia – after all, this is the most natural product, it also contains useful substances, so we can say that it is also vitamins for diabetics. 

When choosing a sweetener, it is imperative to take into account its calorie content. For example, fructose has a minimum of calories, while other sugar substitutes have a high energy value.

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