Perfectionism and sugar control

On the meter, a little above normal or not a little. 

The insides are crumpled with horror, the earth is leaving from under their feet, thoughts are confused, and the inner nature does not believe in the reality of what is happening … This is approximately how a diabetic feels with increased anxiety.

When a diabetic has perfectionism, everything is much worse. Self-flagellation begins, the search for the very moment where everything went wrong. Or the creation of a new unrealistic “rule” explaining any quirks of reality. 

Does it work? Most often it does not, and if it works, then it does not last long and does not give the desired satisfaction. 

What to do?

Ideally, if you notice that you or a child with diabetes after high blood sugar begins to experience uncontrollable anxiety, panic attacks, or a desire to “punish” yourself for “bad” sugar, you should see a psychologist, and in some cases, a psychotherapist. You can help yourself on your own if this has already happened, but there is no opportunity to contact a specialist. 

✅ Don’t go to extremes. Of course, high sugar is not good, but anxiety and nervousness will only increase it. Admit that this happens and we are not able to 100% monitor our body, and sometimes it happens uncontrollably.

✅ Do not forbid yourself emotions! Any reaction is acceptable. But it is worth distinguishing, where is the reaction of the psyche, and where is the self-promotion of oneself.

✅ Think about the real facts that may have led to this. Admit the facts and get out of your head “what if I could” or something similar. No, I couldn’t. Therefore, I did so. This situation has happened and cannot be changed. But you can change your perception of the event. 

✅ If there is no real reason or it is too unrealistic, admit that you are not omnipotent and cannot always control everything and everyone around. Forgive yourself for causing harm to the body and admit that mistakes bring experience.

Perfectionism and anxiety are based on control, and the brain perceives control as something that helps to survive. There is very little reality in them, this should be taken into account. And as soon as a phrase like “what if” arose in my head, you should know that this is anxiety. 

Anxiety is useful because for the psyche it is like a fuse and predictor of possible difficulties and problems. Unfortunately, this emotion is often used for other purposes, but everywhere. So it turns out that a person lives by the rules of an insane fuse or does not live in reality at all. 

And who is in charge of your life: anxiety or you?

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