SARS in diabetes: how to equalize sugar

Seasonal diseases in diabetes are particularly difficult to tolerate. Saharas go crazy, sticking to a diet is difficult, and indeed any regimen. Here are some tips to help manage diabetes when you’re sick.

1. Appetite and bolus administration

Often in the first days of the disease there is no appetite. There is no need to force eat, so we also do not administer a bolus.

2. High temperature and rise in sugar

Usually, an increase in temperature pulls a jump in glucose levels. In this case, you need to administer a down bolus. Try not to change the dose of basal insulin, and make all corrections short.

3. Reduce sugar without fanaticism

If the jump in glycemia occurred in response to an increase in temperature, then try not to overdo it with a dose of insulin, since it will be difficult to stop hypoglycemia in this condition.

4. We stop hypoglycemia

Rotavirus infection is insidious in that everything that enters the stomach is practically not absorbed and it is very, very difficult to raise sugar in case of hypa . For cupping, it is better to use ordinary sugar or pure glucose (special gels or tablets). Glucose begins to be absorbed already in the oral cavity, due to the presence of salivary amylase, as well as a very good blood supply to this area.

5. How to administer insulin when appetite returns

Usually, during an illness, adjusted coefficients for food almost do not work. Here it is better to do a joke after the fact. Those. Eat and watch your sugar. When it has risen by 1.5-2 mmol, insulin can be administered. Make a small joke 0.5-1.0 units. Next, keep an eye on glycemia. Perhaps every two hours it will be necessary to pin up 0.5-1.0 units. But additional insulin should be administered only if necessary after an increase in order to prevent hypoglycemia.

6. Dose of basal insulin

Of course, first of all contact your doctor for advice. The usual dose of basal insulin may not change or change slightly.

7. Recovery

It will take 10 to 14 days to recover and return to normal life. Even if you recovered from the illness faster, it will take time for the digestive tract to recover from the shock. This usually happens somewhere around day 10, and the sugar levels out a little later. Although everything is individual.

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