Symptoms of diabetes in men after 50 years

In men and women, the first manifestations of diabetes mellitus practically do not differ significantly. The only distinguishing characteristics are based on the functionality of the reproductive organs. Therefore, the first signs of diabetes mellitus in men after 50 years still have some peculiarities.

Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine pathology that is associated with a deficiency of insulin in the human body, as a result of which the concentration of glucose in the blood of people increases. The disease is characterized by a chronic course.

Often, the first symptoms of type 2 diabetes in men are ignored. Often, representatives of the stronger sex associate health problems with unhealthy diet, stress at work, fatigue and lack of sleep.

It is necessary to consider what symptoms of diabetes mellitus in men after 50 years indicate the development of pathology, and what treatment is recommended for them when confirming the diagnosis?

Early symptoms of pathology

Unfortunately, many men almost never notice the deterioration of their health, finding many explanations for this situation. But it is extremely important to carefully treat your condition in order to notice problems in time.

If diabetes is diagnosed in a timely manner, then many possible problems and complications can be minimized. As for men, in the vast majority of cases, they have hidden signs that are difficult to detect even for a doctor.

That is why, after 50 years, it is recommended to regularly visit a doctor, undergo an examination, and timely take urine and blood tests for sugar.

The initial signs of diabetes are erased, and they can be detected only if you know about them:

  • Sudden changes in body weight. Men quickly lose weight, although they eat as before, or gain weight quickly, but their nutrition has not changed.
  • I constantly feel like eating, and getting rid of this sensation is almost impossible, even consuming a huge amount of food.
  • Chronic fatigue, decreased performance, sleep disturbance.
  • A rash or itching may appear on the skin (as in the photo).
  • Increased sweating.

As the above information shows, such signs are very easy to confuse with usual fatigue, stressful situations, or even blame everything on improper nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle.

Late signs of pathology

Unfortunately, very rarely at an early stage, men after 50 years, at the first symptoms, decide to visit a doctor and undergo an examination. And at this time, diabetes is progressing, as evidenced by the more pronounced symptoms of the disease.

After the age of 50, the first symptom of diabetes is frequent urination.

Excess sugar in the body, excreted through the urinary system, increases the density of urine, as a result of which the brain more and more often receives signals about the need to empty.

There are also such late symptoms in men 50 years old:

  1. Dehydration, a man constantly wants to drink as much fluid as possible.
  2. If the integrity of the skin is violated, for example, a man is injured, then the wound does not heal for a long period of time, infections join, and purulent processes develop.
  3. Hair begins to fall out, bleeding gums, tooth enamel is destroyed.
  4. The lower limbs are not as sensitive as they were before.

Diabetes has a negative effect on the sexual capabilities of men. The course of the disease leads to such diagnoses as sexual disorders, erectile dysfunction, and, if the situation is ignored, impotence.

Alcoholic beverages also worsen the situation, because alcohol and blood sugar are two incompatible concepts.  

Treatment of the disease

Treatment of pathology in men is no different from therapy in women. If you suspect that you have diabetes, the doctor recommends taking a blood and urine test for sugar. If necessary, additional diagnostic measures are recommended.

The doctor prescribes a low-carbohydrate diet, recommends eliminating foods that provoke an increase in blood sugar. Physical activity also plays an important role in therapy, therefore it is advised to play sports and lead an active lifestyle.

If such measures have not improved the patient’s well-being, then the first type of diabetes can be prescribed insulin, the dosage of which is selected individually. And with type 2 diabetes, pills are prescribed to lower sugar. 

As practice shows, diabetes mellitus is not always detected on time, which leads to the progression of the pathology, and then complications. Therefore, you need to carefully listen to your health, especially after 50 years.

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