Type 2 diabetes pills: a new generation list and price

Each year, various drugs are developed for the treatment of various diseases, including diabetes. New drugs for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus effectively reduce blood sugar, and contribute to its maintenance over a long period of time.

Practice and patient reviews show that doctors often recommend such type 2 diabetes medications: Maninil, Amaryl, Diabeton, Glyrenorm. These drugs differ in their composition, indications and contraindications, but at the same time they have a common goal – to help lower blood sugar.

Amaryl is a new generation drug, and it acts by stimulating the production of insulin. With this drug, diabetes can be treated as monotherapy, as well as combined with insulin.

A variety of medications for the treatment of type 2 sugar pathology that exists in the modern world ensures the well-being and health of diabetics at the required level.

So, let’s look at the names of the latest drugs for type 2 diabetes? And also find out which drugs of the latest generation appeared, how do they work?

New Type 2 Diabetes Drugs: Features

Definitely, tablets from type 2 diabetes mellitus should be recommended exclusively by the doctor after a full examination of the patient. The age group of the patient, the features of his clinical picture and other points are mandatory taken into account.

All varieties of drugs designed to lower blood sugar levels are divided into certain varieties, that is, into groups. Each group of tablets has its own individual characteristics, which are also taken into account when prescribing.

Sulfonylurea derivatives are a group of medications that help lower blood sugar due to exposure to the pancreas and stimulation of the production of the hormone insulin.

The list of sulfonylurea derivatives of the new generation:

  • Amaril.
  • Glucotrol.
  • Glucotrol XL.

There are first-generation sulfonylureas, but recently, in the vast majority of cases, doctors decided to abandon their appointment.

Biguanides provide an increase in the sensitivity of soft tissues to insulin, especially muscle fibers. In addition, such drugs block the release of glucose by the liver.

Despite the effectiveness of this category of drugs, these medicines for diabetes are not prescribed if the patient has pathologies of the cardiovascular system, impaired liver function.

New drugs in this group:

  1. Glucophage.
  2. Fortamet.

Unambiguously, many patients with diabetes mellitus in their diagnosis follow the latest preparations of 2017. It is possible that it may happen that the patient is recommended an outdated drug.

However, this circumstance should not be a “push” for independent replacement with another drug, but of a new generation. Such decisions are made exclusively by the doctor.

Type 2 diabetes: new pills

Thiazolidinediones – a group of drugs for the treatment of chronic type II sugar disease. These drugs reduce the level of insulin resistance in the body of a diabetic.

The diabetes medicine works on muscle and adipose tissue. Practice shows that the drug gradually reduces blood sugar, and normalizes it at the required level. If we talk about new drugs from this group, then there are only two of them – Actos and Avandia.

You can take them as prescribed by your doctor. The first two weeks of the effect of sugar reduction may not be, as the drugs are characterized by a cumulative effect. If you compare the two means, then Avandia has a slightly stronger effect.

However, it has its own side effects, and it has a stronger effect on the functionality of the cardiovascular system, inhibiting its full functioning.

Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitors:

  • Precose
  • Glyset.

This category of drugs helps to block the synthesis of enzymes that break down starch, which results in a process of lowering the concentration of glucose in the body.

Despite the effectiveness, such drugs have two pronounced side effects: disruption of the digestive tract, diarrhea and flatulence.

Tolinase and diabetes therapy

Tolinase – a drug for the treatment of sugar disease, refers to the first generation sulfonylurea derivatives. It is recommended only in cases where the patient does not have pronounced complications of a vascular nature.

Despite the effectiveness of the “novelty”, the tool is not always prescribed for prolonged use. The fact is that if you take the medicine for a long period of time, then the body “gets used to it”, and the effectiveness of the drug is significantly reduced.

The dosage of the drug is prescribed individually, taking into account glucose readings on an empty stomach, as well as sugar in the human body after a sugar load.

Application Features:

  1. For starters, they can recommend one tablet per day.
  2. Over time, you need to increase the dosage to the optimum, and it is determined depending on the dynamics of sugar.
  3. Take several times a day.
  4. If insulin therapy is carried out simultaneously , the dose of the drug is halved. 

The medicine has a weak laxative effect, can provoke attacks of nausea and vomiting. With intolerance to the drug or its auxiliary components, an allergic reaction with skin manifestations is observed.

It is strictly forbidden to take while carrying a baby and breastfeeding a baby. Relative contraindications: impaired liver and kidney function.

The manufacturer of the drug is the United Kingdom, the price starts from 1500 rubles and above.

Amaryl against diabetes

Amaryl – a drug for the treatment of “sweet” disease, made in Germany, is intended for oral use. Depending on the dosage, the color of the tablet differs: 100 mg – a pink shade of the drug, 200 mg – green tablets, 300 mg – yellow, 400 mg – blue.

The main indication for use is diabetes of the second type, which could not be corrected through a low-carb diet, physical activity, and other methods. 

Contraindications: the first type of diabetes, against the background of complications of diabetes mellitus, coma, predomatous state, severe impaired liver and kidney function, the period of gestation, breastfeeding.

Application Features:

  • The dosage in each case is individual, depending on the initial indicators of blood sugar.
  • 100 mg is usually recommended. The pill is tedious to take once a day. Either in the morning immediately before or after breakfast.
  • The medicine is washed down with a copious amount of ordinary liquid.
  • If there is no therapeutic effect, the dosage increases with an interval of 7-14 days.

Reviews of patients show that the drug is effective and fast, stably keeps sugar within the required range. Against the background of taking the drug, overall health is significantly improved.

Along with this, it is noted that the drug leads to numerous adverse reactions: headache, sleep disturbance, hallucinations, tremor of the extremities, convulsive states, disorder of the vocal apparatus and even loss of consciousness.

As all of the above shows, it is not always a new drug for the treatment of diabetes is better than long-tested drugs. In any case, the doctor decides which remedy is suitable in a particular situation.

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