Vaccination against covid-19 with cd1. personal experience

I ‘m talking about the Pfizer vaccination .
I feel good, there was a slight pain at the injection site. Sugar, surprisingly, is normal – expecting hellish swings. There were no fever or flu-like symptoms.

The doctors prepared me for the injection for a long time, they said that it could be painful, but it is important to relax and not twitch. Laughed at their reaction: “You didn’t even twitch!” The UK found that the first dose gave good immunity and the number of deaths decreased by 74%. We decided to make as many first doses as possible. For example, I will receive the second dose in May 2021. Thus, about 18 million people have already been vaccinated (1 out of 3 adults). 250 people are vaccinated every minute! Now there are three vaccines in the UK: 


✔ ️ AstraZeneca (Oxford) is an inexpensive, local vector vaccine that provides about 70% protection.
✔ ️ Pfizer (USA) – expensive, mRNA- based , difficult to store, protection above 95%, well tested in elderly and vulnerable people.
✔ ️Modern (USA) – similar to Pfizer .

In addition to these, others will soon appear.

I would take any of them. But I think everyone will not need to be vaccinated, so if you don’t want to, you can wait until those who want to get vaccinated.

✅ Should you receive a vaccine if you have already been ill?
Not if it was recently. Wait and do later. Somewhere I saw a recommendation to make only one dose.

✅ What about STO?
Recommended. Getting sick with a real virus is much more difficult and dangerous. There are new bad data on the impact on people with type 1 diabetes, including delayed ones. ✅ If there are other diseases besides diabetes mellitus Vaccination is recommended. ✅ Pregnant and lactating women Only in case of additional risks . If you are healthy, then wait a little – little data. 

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