Which blood glucose meter is better

Diabetes mellitus is a disease often referred to as the 20th century non-communicable epidemic. But, despite the complexity of this disease, each patient with such a diagnosis has a great chance of defeating him. People with diabetes should know at every moment what is happening to their body. Careful self-control will allow them to lead the life they want. 

The indispensable helpers of patients with diabetes mellitus today are glucometers, which allow you to quickly and easily determine blood sugar values ​​anywhere and anytime. At the moment, many foreign manufacturers produce worthy models of glucometers that meet international quality and accuracy standards: Clover-Check glucometers (Taiwan), Easy-touch glucometers (Taiwan), I-Check glucometers (Great Britain – Taiwan) and many others.    

To find out which glucometer is better , you need to understand the principle of operation of these devices, their types and other features. According to the principle of operation, glucometers are divided into two types: photometric and electrochemical. In photometric devices, the measurement of blood glucose concentration is carried out using a beam of reflected light of a certain wavelength. Such glucometers include: Accuchek-Active, Supremm, Glucotrend 2, Gluokea, OneTach Basic Plus, CheckmatePlas. 

The peculiarity of electrochemical devices is that they measure the electrical resistance of the test strip after the chemical reagents have reacted on it with blood glucose. The test strip is an electrode with reagents applied to it. Such devices include: Elite, Medicine, Satellite, Esprit, Smart Sken, Ekzaktech. 

As you know, successful compensation of diabetes mellitus is possible only with constant monitoring of blood sugar levels. Therefore, when deciding which blood glucose meter is better to buy , you need to estimate the future costs of purchasing test strips and compare them with your financial capabilities. Today, many world-famous manufacturers, for example, Bayer (Germany), have begun to actively reduce the cost of their test strips to such reliable branded glucometers as Kontur TS.    

When deciding which meter to choose , the patient should also take the following points into account: 

  • Display size and compactness of the device;
  • Availability of memory;
  • Ease of use;
  • Warranty service;
  • Accuracy of the device;
  • Calibration;
  • Measurement speed.

With the help of such modern devices as glucometers and knowledge, it is quite possible to replace the impaired function of the pancreas. The more often the patient controls his sugar, the more effective is the compensation of diabetes mellitus, which means that his goals in life become real and achievable.  

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