Diabetes mellitus type 2. Natural remedies. How to reduce sugar in diabetes

Naturally, type 2 diabetes, like the first one, requires observation from an endocrinologist. But during his treatment, often the doctor simply prescribes drugs to reduce sugar: related to the second generation - mannil, metmorphine or amaryl - the third generation. The problem from the very first moment, when sugar began to grow, consists of two parts: how to make it go down right now and at the same time always protect the vessels from damage.

But not everyone can easily take synthetic drugs because of side effects: body weight increases, stomach, liver or pancreas does not tolerate, allergies occur. Or does not reach the target of the effectiveness of therapy (the level of glycosylated hemoglobin should not exceed 7).

Some of you are at a psychological crossroads: an increase in blood glucose was found, but you do not want to take chemotherapy for life.

Here you will find a practical approach how to use natural remedies to try to restore carbohydrate and fat metabolism at all possible levels: improve liver function, maintain pancreatic, glucose utilization in the cell and increase sensitivity to insulin and protect the wall of arteries and capillaries from manifestations of "glucose toxicity". It is based on the most modern ideas in the world of nutritional science and unites them with real experience. When choosing herbs, we relied on more than a century of family practice of the Bulgarian herbalist Dr. Toshkov - sugar-reducing herbs Glukonorm.

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We have been successfully recommending a complex of sugar-reducing herbs and amino acids for several years now, but now we have gone deeper and included the superflavonoids of high purity AlfaMaxiel into the new "Complex for reducing sugar and protecting blood vessels in diabetes." Together with high-quality omega-3 acids (Megapolien), they are able to improve fluidity of blood and its blood flow into the smallest vessels that are under threat with diabetes. And so hyperglycemia is a condition that is always energy-deficient: your bodies lack oxygen and nutrients. But this situation is correctable by improving blood circulation with the help of natural substances. This not only protects, but has a direct effect on the stabilization of glucose levels, since muscle and nerve tissue begin to consume it in normal mode.

It is known that the indicators of increased sugar fall by 30%, even after a general massage or physical exertion, because blood circulation increases. And so it is easy to understand the value of restoring the work of capillaries in a constant mode.

How to reduce sugar to normal

The Sokolinsky System differs fundamentally from the irregular reception of folk remedies in type 2 diabetes in that it combines influence on both major aspects of the problem: natural preparations are used to reduce sugar, but necessarily in combination with vascular protection agents and improve insulin sensitivity in cells.

If you want to influence not the symptoms, but the causes, you need to understand that the development of such a number of metabolic disturbances in recent years is due to well-studied factors: high-calorie diet, excess meat, high levels of stress, intestinal microflora violation in the abuse of fast carbohydrates , a deficiency in the diversity of amino acids, minerals and vitamins in food. As you can see, the shortage of medicines is not the cause. They are all in a way of life and nutrition.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to force yourself to follow a diet recommended by your doctor, but do not get carried away with meat. It should be in the diet 2-3 times a week. Exceeding this indicator leads to an increase in the risk of vascular complications by 20%. Also in food is the presence of a complete set of vitamins with metabolic action, plant fibers, zinc and chromium.

The second point: quality digestion. In the presence of chronic constipation or against the background of stagnation of bile it is difficult to achieve proper assimilation of nutrients, they will enter the blood unevenly like a roller coaster and in addition incomplete digestion greatly increases the toxic load, weight increases, vessels are damaged, energy and immunity decrease. The liver takes part in the exchange of insulin, accumulates undigested glucose in the form of glycogen, synthesizes cholesterol, and it always suffers with prolonged hyperglycemia. Most often, the liver with diabetes increases due to the development of fatty degeneration. Improving the liver in the same way in the opposite direction positively affects the stability of metabolism and control over weight, blood viscosity and the risk of atherosclerosis. Support the liver and in the first month will come back vivacity. The pathogenetic relationship between excessive reproduction in the intestine of opportunistic bacteria and the deficiency of useful, obesity and activity of type 2 diabetes mellitus is also proved. For example, the formation of butyrate, acetate and propionate-short-chain fatty acids, which are fermented by intestinal bacteria from dietary fibers and plays an important role in energy metabolism, is disturbed in the intestine, bacteria influence the formation of the hormone leptin, the regulator of appetite. As a result, there are problems with vascular disorders such as atherosclerosis and diabetic angiopathy, weight increases, sensitivity to insulin decreases.

With the normalization of the intestinal microflora and proper digestion, the patient with diabetes has much more stability.

With this in mind, in the "Sokolinsky System" we always recommend starting the restoration of metabolism precisely with the "Complex for deep purification and nutrition with NutriDetox." Simultaneously, detox occurs and begins, adequate for energy needs, the intake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fibers.

The main course implies the use of herbs, bioflavonoids and omega-3 acids for 2 months aimed at mild blood sugar reduction, increasing insulin sensitivity at the cell level, improving blood circulation, fat metabolism.

The program for the second and third month includes:

  • Reducing the level of sugar and increasing the sensitivity of cells to insulin - Glukonorm for 2 plant pills 2 times a day
  • Active support of blood circulation at the level of arteries, veins, capillaries with the help of flavonoids AlfaMaxiel 1 capsule per day
  • Improvement of energy metabolism in cells and "fluidity" of blood with the help of the legendary omega-3 acids Megapolien 1 capsule per day

What to do when you have already begun to feel better

It is clear that type 2 diabetes is a purely chronic condition. If you are lucky and you met this information at the very beginning, you can change the style of nutrition, increase physical activity, restore proper digestion and improve metabolic processes and return to normal. But if you already have diabetes with experience, the main thing on which is to focus - on the protection of blood vessels and the support of metabolism, immunity, vitality in general. Much depends on you. All negative statistics on hyperglycemia about amputation of limbs, loss of vision, early heart attack or loss of memory refers to those who do not want to change anything: they drink hypoglycemic drugs as prescribed by the doctor.

But there are certainly ways of naturopathic support in the diseases of civilization. In the Sokolinsky System, for this, there is a very convenient anti-aging complex with the most profound, multi-faceted influence. In the chapters from our newest book you will find a description of all the components, the mechanism of action, links to scientific research.

Even the most responsible person does not need to take this constantly. Enough two courses per year.

Periodically it makes sense to use just natural substances with proven benefit in this case. It is an omega-3 acid (Megapolien is used during the period of "energy sluggishness" from October to March), NutriDetox 2-3 times a week to compensate for dietary errors and get all necessary vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll for stable immunity and activation from spirulina and chlorella cell renewal.

Is it possible, as you can find in the previous books of V. Sokolinsky, to apply chrome, zinc, taurine? Of course yes. Another question is that, in its present form, the Sokolinsky System has become more convenient and more accessible for use because it already includes the most necessary substances in fewer natural preparations.

Glycated hemoglobin. How to control stability

If everything is done correctly, then you feel able to work, there is no tendency to increase blood pressure, immunity adequately protects you from colds and other infections, there is no problem with healing of skin lesions. Of the tests, there is an indicator that will accurately tell you that SD is under control. It is called glycated hemoglobin. Shows how the glucose level fluctuated in the last three months. And its value should not exceed 7. You see a smaller number - there is no danger. If he is promoted, then first of all look at the diet, and also how much they listened to the recommendations, and if all honestly performed, it makes sense to use an individual consultation.

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Other safety indicators: lipid levels (LDL, HDL, triglycerides, atherogenicity coefficient) and in poorly controlled C-peptide flow.

Diabetes mellitus type 2: what's going on

It is associated with a decrease in the sensitivity of tissues to the action of insulin (insulin resistance), which in the early stages of the disease is synthesized in normal or even elevated amounts. Diet in some cases can help normalize carbohydrate metabolism and reduce glucose synthesis at the liver level. However, over time, insulin release decreases, which leads to the need for injections.

Type 2 diabetes accounts for up to 90% of all cases and most often develops in people older than 40 years. In the absence of correction of the sensitivity of cells to insulin, in almost every case vascular complications occur, since undeveloped glucose forms toxic compounds that damage the vessel wall. Therefore, it is of fundamental importance to combine natural components for reducing sugar, anti-metabolic syndrome, protective preparations for blood vessels. "The Sokolinsky system" for type 2 diabetes is based on the data of modern physiology and biochemistry. All substances that are used in it are indisputable from the point of view of their effect on cells and the assimilation of insulin. Their operation is confirmed in many countries. They do not replace the observations of the doctor, but supplement it to the highest level and make the course of diabetes more calm and safe.

alertAttention! There is a hereditary predisposition to the disease. If one of the parents is sick, then the probability of inheriting the first type of diabetes is 10%, and type 2 diabetes - 80%.

How to reduce sugar in diabetes by natural means

The record in our practice, when one man with over 20 kilograms of weight and a not very mobile way of life, constantly nervous, thanks to an individual recommendation, reduced sugar from 12 to 6 already in the first month. Accordingly, the weight decreased by 3 kilograms, the efficiency increased.

Here is a description of the hypoglycemic and reducing the instulin resistance of natural remedies. But nevertheless pay attention that by the present moment we have already implemented a comprehensive strategy instead of recommending some non-medicinal preparations.

Glukonorm Bulgaria

The drug was created by the Bulgarian hereditary phyto-therapeutist Dr. Toshkov. In its composition: Zhen-shen, Golden-mantle ordinary, Malinnik, Dandelion, Common mantel, Flaxseed, Bean leaves, White mulberry, Galega officinalis, Rowan, Bilberry, Nettle, Corn stigma, Inulin, Magnesium stearate. Ease of use Glukonorm Bulgartrub in the fact that vegetable raw materials are prepared in a tablet form.

Chrome chelate

In the "Sokolinsky System" is applied in addition to Ortho-taurine, if a deficiency of chromium is detected in the analysis for trace elements. Chromium is the central atom in the hormone-like substance molecule, a glucose assimilation factor that works in conjunction with insulin, ensuring the passage of glucose through the cell membranes. Therefore, chromium preparations are widely used in weight loss programs. Also, chrome prevents the formation of bad cholesterol and protects blood vessels from complications of diabetes (atherosclerosis).

Also, sometimes with this disease, there is a pronounced zinc deficiency, without which insulin also does not work. Therefore, with a serious approach, we recommend that you take an analysis for microelements once a year.

Ortho-taurine ergo

Amino acid taurine works in this complex together with vitamins of group B, zinc, succinic acid and magnesium. Taurine normalizes the sensitivity of cells to insulin. B vitamins improve energy metabolism. Therefore, even with insulin deficiency, patients taking taurine have a better level of sugar. Take 1-2 capsules per day. At the moment, this is the most active natural substance available in Russia to improve the sensitivity of cells to insulin. Course 2 months in a row.

Diabetes mellitus treatment

Treatment should be conducted only under the guidance of a specialist.

In the center of "Health Recipes" you can order natural preparations that are part of the "Sokolinsky System", which will help reduce the sugar level and increase the effectiveness of drugs prescribed by the doctor as the main treatment. In the treatment of this disease, synthetic hypoglycemic preparations are usually used: sulfonamide drugs and preparations such as glucophage. Many of them have side effects: bloating, stool disorders, swelling, risk of liver degeneration. Therefore, initially, prevention always begins with a diet, and with the help of natural remedies we try to avoid the stage when, without chemical medicines, treatment is impossible and just continue to follow a reasonable diet. Ignore the treatment can not be. We choose between chemical drugs and natural remedies, not between treatment and lack of treatment.

Prevention of complications of diabetes mellitus

The complex, which is offered in the Sokolinsky System, already includes all the necessary natural substances AlfaMaxiel and Megapolien are produced specifically for this program and are not sold in other places Gluconorm is obtained from Bulgaria.

I would like to draw special attention to the fact that in this disease, omega-3 is not absorbed from plant sources, in addition the effect of plant PUFAs and those produced by the right technology from marine fauna is very different. Therefore use Megapolien with the content of anti-aging omega-3 acids of 35%. About polyenas in our book there is a lot of information confirming that it is important not just to drink something on the packaging of which it is indicated that it is from fish oil. Use Megapolien, raw materials for the production of which became the basis for writing two doctoral dissertations and we have a decade of practice in its application.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 and leg vessels:

Against the background of diabetes often develops severe atherosclerosis of the vessels of the legs and a trophic ulcer is possible.

Diabetes mellitus type 2 and eyes (loss of vision):

To strengthen the fundus in this situation, the primary vascular component of the "System" is used - AlfaMaxial, which protects not only the retinal capillaries, but also the lens. Also, to improve the nutrition of the eye, American Ultraea can be used. It includes a dozen components from vitamins and trace elements to the vascular herbs of ginkgo biloba, gotu-cola, lutein, enzymes.

In general, everything that is known to modern natural ophthalmologists for improving vision. Take at the first sign of impaired vision for 2-3 consecutive months, twice a year.

Only a combination of effective substances to reduce sugar, diet will give good results. Apply in addition to the drugs prescribed by the doctor means and the result will be much better. The dose of chemicals to reduce sugar can be reduced over time.

Consultation on the reduction of sugar in type 2 diabetes

It is always better to consult about the correct combination of drugs for diabetes and its complications. This can be done in the center of Sokolinsky's "Health Recipes" in person (in St. Petersburg) or via email, Skype. It will be very reasonable, because to each person should be an individual approach.

If you do not live in Russia, how can you reduce sugar in diabetes

For those who live in Europe, we recommend using the "Sokolinsky Complex for Diabetes". This is the result of 20 years of practical experience. Step by step the complex allows to lower blood sugar in total due to three natural means.

The convenience of the European "Sokolinsky System" is that the natural remedies that it includes have multiple positive effects and have a systemic effect on the body, so one and the same product can be useful to completely different people in different situations. They do not eliminate the symptoms. The Sokolinsky system, through cleansing and nourishing the tissues of the body, affects the causes of problems at the biochemical level.