Diabetes and oral diseases: how to keep teeth and gums healthy?

Inflammation and bleeding of the gums, dryness or occasional burning of the mouth can all be manifestations of oral diseases associated with diabetes. We talk about the most common pathologies, symptoms, as well as actions to prevent.

What are the most common oral problems in diabetes?

  • Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums. Symptoms are red, swollen and bleeding gums.

Other symptoms indicating a pathology and requiring professional help:

  • wounds that take a long time to heal;

How to keep teeth and gums healthy?

The most important elements of maintaining oral health are diabetes management and hygiene.

  • Keep your blood glucose levels as close to your target as possible.

Which oral care products to choose for diabetes?
For people with diabetes, a special series DiaDent has been developed . It includes toothpastes and rinses designed to solve specific problems. The effectiveness of DiaDent products has been confirmed by clinical studies. They help fight dental problems that occur against the background of increased concentrations of glucose in saliva. The use of the series is suitable both as a preventive measure and during treatment.
The gentle abrasive system of pastes helps to gently remove plaque from tooth enamel. Antiseptic agents suppress the development of pathogenic microflora. The pastes also contain regenerating and anti-inflammatory complexes. The line includes DiaDent Active paste, which is recommended for people with bleeding gums, periodontal diseases, as well as other inflammatory processes of the gums and oral mucosa. The substance betaine, which is part of the paste, provides additional hydration.
Paste DiaDent Regular is recommended for daily use. The composition includes substances that care for the enamel (active fluorides are included in the tooth enamel and create a protective film on its surface) and suppress caries development factors. Oat extract, allantoin, and vitamin complex help to improve the nutrition of gum tissue.
Rinsers DiaDent Regular and DiaDent Active will help complete the process of brushing your teeth. Please note that the DiaDent Active rinse aid is recommended to be used in courses of 14 days, with identical breaks.

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