Colds and diabetes: 6 tips to get through these days

Illness has not yet brought pleasure to anyone, especially when it comes to people with diabetes. Managing diabetes on days when you are not well requires a lot of effort. We asked members of our community (people with diabetes) to share their tips for managing diabetes on the days they are sick. Here are 6 tips that may make it easier for you to manage your diabetes on sick days. What advice could you give? We are waiting for your comments!

  1. Check your blood glucose more often

When I’m sick, I always check my blood sugar about once an hour to keep abreast of any changes. – Maria

My advice is to check your glucose and ketone levels every hour and stay hydrated! – Kirill

  1. Bet on healthy eating

When I’m sick, my diet certainly changes. I try to choose simple foods like bread or oatmeal. They tend to be higher in carbs, so to balance my blood sugar levels, I cut down on dairy products as well as high-fat foods. – Irina

Although appetite tends to decrease during illness, food intake is necessary to maintain adequate energy levels. Find those foods that you can consume when you are sick. For example, I like light food – soup, yogurt.

When my daughter loses her appetite during an illness, she drinks water (to control her ketone levels) and juice (to avoid hypoglycemia). In our experience, checking blood sugar levels and administering insulin without replenishing carbohydrates in the body does not provide adequate management of diabetes. – Sue

  1. Keep taking insulin

Depending on the level of glucose and ketone bodies, I may need to increase the dose of insulin – this should be adjusted with the doctor. – Natalia

If your blood sugar levels are high even when you measure every hour, talk to your doctor about setting a temporary basal rate. – Elena

  1. Drink as much liquid as possible

“Natasha, drink liquid! More liquid!” my mother advises, showing me the entire range of purchased bottles. As soon as I hint that I’m not well, a whole warehouse of everything is formed near me: from orange juice to good old cans of Sprite. Consistent water consumption has helped me fight several illnesses, including the common cold and the flu, more than once. In my experience, more fluids and more sleep at night is the easiest way to be healthy! – Natalia

  1. Keep your doctor’s phone number handy
    . As a general rule, I only call my doctor if I’m not feeling well for 2 days in a row. – Michael I always call my doctor if I can’t eat. When I lose the ability to perceive food, it is very difficult for me to regulate my blood sugar, so the recommendations regarding the temporary basal rate are very valuable to me. – Irina; If my daughter has been vomiting for more than 4 hours, and at the same time the level of ketone bodies rises to moderate, we call the doctor to get advice on how to proceed. – Svetlana
  2. More rest

What really helps me (unless my condition is critical) is tomato soup and a comedy series. Even from a very young age. – Arseniy

I’m a fidget, so when I’m sick, I tend to check my blood sugar more often, sleep more, and rest more. My main task is to monitor the level of sugar! The common cold can be easily dealt with, but when one side is unwell and the other side is unstable blood sugar, life becomes a nightmare. – Christina

On days when you are unwell, the main task is to improve your condition. So take a break and maybe watch a couple of interesting films!

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