Diabetic angiopathy of the vessels of the lower extremities

Diabetic angiopathy of the vessels of the lower extremities (ischemic foot, angiopathic foot) is one of the complications of diabetes mellitus resulting from an increase in blood sugar levels.  

The main signs of this condition include:

  • Cold skin on the lower leg and foot
  • Pale or, on the contrary, motley (marble) color of the skin,
  • Lack of hair on the lower leg,
  • Pain when walking (intermittent claudication). In the later stages of the disease, pain disturbs patients even at rest. For a slight reduction in ischemic pain, it is recommended to lower your legs from the edge of the bed.
  • The appearance of ulcerative defects along the edges of the foot (in the heel region, at the tips of the toes), accompanied by pain,
  • Decreased pulsation in the feet.

If any of the above symptoms of lower extremity lesions are found, a patient suffering from diabetes should definitely contact the Diabetic Foot center or office. There, during the examination, specialists will determine the nature and extent of the lesion, as well as give clear recommendations on how to treat a diabetic foot and how to properly take care of the feet in case of diabetes. But there are also preventive measures to prevent the development of foot lesions.      

In order for the legs of people with diabetes to be healthy, they must regularly (2-4 times a year) undergo examinations aimed at measuring the temperature, tactile and vibration sensitivity of the lower extremities.

Such patients must necessarily wear special diabetic socks DIALINE STEP, the main purpose of which is to combat the causes of diabetic foot. The high quality natural cotton from which these socks are made does not put pressure on the foot and creates a favorable environment for the feet. And invisible to the touch, the soft ketel seam, which is located on the front side of the product, makes the inner structure of the sock smooth, which prevents foot injuries and chafing. 

And, of course, such patients need to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels. For these purposes, special devices have been developed – glucometers , which greatly facilitate this procedure. At present, the most reliable of these are: Glucose AyChek , glucometers UanTachSelektSimp , glucometer CU Contour Glucose Easy Touch , KeaSens and others.   

To date, a lot of studies have been carried out in the world to control diabetes mellitus and the causes of complications of this disease. All of them proved that it is possible to avoid complications of diabetes, but for this, a patient with such a diagnosis must take active steps in the treatment of the disease. Having learned to maintain normal blood sugar levels, all the desired victories in your life (love, sports, career) will become reality and will depend solely on you. All this is taught at the “DIABETES SCHOOL”. 

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