Moisturizing foot cream

Complications of diabetes mellitus can affect various human organs, including the lower limbs. If a patient with such a diagnosis has the correct ideas about his disease, its characteristics and applies all this knowledge in his life, then diabetes mellitus turns from a disease into a special way of life. To prevent minor abrasions, wounds, cracks on the legs from developing into more severe diseases of the legs with diabetes mellitus, it is recommended to use a moisturizing foot cream. At the moment, special creams are produced for people with diabetes mellitus, among them the DIALINE and Diaultraderm series are recognized as the most worthy .

DiaLine Active foot cream ( DiaLine Active No. 3) with V- tonic and Bioecolia (75 ml bottle) Diaultraderm Aqua 15% cream-foam for care of extremely dry skin of feet Diaultraderm Aqua 10 cream (50 ml) for care and moisturizing the skin of the feet with diabetes. Cream ” Diaultraderm Silver ” (50 ml) for daily protection of the skin from infections. Cream ” Diaultraderm Aqua” (50 ml) for care of the skin of the feet in case of diabetes. Cream ” Diaultraderm ” (50 ml) for care skin

DIALINE Diabetes Foot Cream is   ideal for intensive care of the skin of the feet. It is designed to moisturize and soften the skin, and to reduce the risk of infection in foot wounds. This moisturizing foot cream strengthens the walls of capillaries and blood vessels, makes them more elastic, improves blood flow, and has a high regenerative activity. DIALINE cream is applied twice a day: in the evening and in the morning, applied to clean skin, not rubbed in, but simply absorbed. After using it, it is recommended to treat the feet with a special DIALINE pumice stone, the unique structure of which makes this procedure gentle and gentle.

Moisturizing and softening foot cream Diaultraderm contains antioxidants ” superoxide lyesmutase “, as well as carbamide, which helps to effectively moisturize the skin. Urea is an ideal “building material” that actively regenerates the skin, making it firmer and more elastic. Diaultraderm cream accelerates the healing of microcracks, eliminates and prevents inflammatory changes in the skin, relieves allergic phenomena and itching.

Along with the above-described moisturizing creams, experts recommend that patients with diabetes also use DIADYN Step silver socks.

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