Diabetes: 5 basics of control

It is no secret that the treatment and prevention of complications of diabetes are an integral part of the life of patients with this disease. We will talk about the features and important aspects of diabetic lifestyle. By following these key rules, you can take the disease under personal control.
The diet is the first thing that changes in the life of a diabetic since the diagnosis is confirmed. Despite the fact that the doctor prescribes a special diet (table), generally accepted norms of therapeutic nutrition also work.
For example, for the convenience of patients, nutritionists have developed the concept of “bread unit” (XE) – this is 12 g of carbohydrates in any food. One bread unit equals 25-30 grams of white or black bread, or 0.5 cups buckwheat, it is contained in one apple or two prunes. On the day it is allowed to eat 18-25 such units. Remember that it is important to take food in small portions, 4–5 times a day, and to enhance the feeling of fullness, you can add cabbage, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes and green peas to the menu. Due to the high content of vitamins, cottage cheese, soybeans, oatmeal also improve the functioning of liver suffering from diabetes, therefore their presence on the table is preferably doubly.
Exercise helps to restore impaired carbohydrate, fat and protein exchanges. In addition, patients with type 2 diabetes increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and movement trains the cardiovascular system.
Start with a simple daily gymnastics: roll from heel to toe, tear off your heels one by one, or take a few swings with your feet, reaching for arms extended at shoulder level. Fitness, which is ideal for you on an individual basis, advise the endocrinologist. Stretch yoga, Pilates or swimming – the choice allows you to find an occupation for the soul and health.
Healthy lifestyle
Medical research confirms that nicotine causes an increase in blood sugar levels. In turn, alcohol does not allow the liver to produce glucose, and while taking sugar-lowering drugs, this leads to a reduction in blood sugar – hypoglycemia. It is especially dangerous that the patient does not always notice the deterioration of his condition after drinking a glass or a glass of dessert wine, sometimes it takes a day. Smoking and drinking alcohol can make the whole fight against diabetes meaningless and, moreover, increase the risk of serious complications.
Self control
The regular monitoring of blood glucose helps to monitor the effect of diet, treatment and exercise on the level of sugar. After the doctor determines your target sugar level, try not to allow it to rise or fall sharply. Maintaining targets within target values ​​helps prevent the development of diabetes complications in the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart. That is why the use of blood glucose meters at home is so important. However, many of the existing instruments are equipped with a coding system. The patient is forced to encode the device for each new package of test strips, and about 16% of diabetics do it wrong *.
A diary
Many doctors rightly recommend to their patients to keep a diary with records of the indicators of the meter and the characteristics of their well-being for a long time every day. So you can see progress or notice deterioration in time to consult a specialist and adjust the treatment. In addition, today developed applications for smartphones that help diabetics in compliance. For example, the MySurg application, available for iOS and Android devices, works in an exciting game format — the user is prompted to “tame the sugar monster”: each data entry gives you points. For motivation in the treatment of users receive special tasks.
Using the diary and gadgets, you can be alert anywhere – in the office, during a trip or a weekend in the country.

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