Diabetes: how not to become a victim of “sweet life”

November 14 – World Diabetes Day. Is it possible to protect yourself from this most serious disease, which confidently holds the third place among the causes of death?
Dangerous kilograms
Every seven seconds, two people in the world get diabetes. The growth rate of the disease is so high that it is ahead of all forecasts.

Diabetes is a severe debilitating disease, the growth of which is directly related to the obesity epidemic (which, unfortunately, has not bypassed Nizhny Novgorod). It is because of problems with obesity that diabetes is rapidly getting younger: it affects not only adults, but also children, who prefer fast food to all types of food, and sweet drinks to all types of beverages.

No matter how sad, but the benefits of civilization, to which we have become accustomed (from nourishing high-calorie food to all kinds of gadgets), greatly facilitate our lives, but at the same time doing us a disservice. Irrational food, eating high-calorie foods, sugary and fatty foods, and even in unlimited quantities, is a direct road to obesity. And if we add to this a sedentary lifestyle, which we mostly lead, then this path turns into a high-speed highway, where the last stop is diabetes of the second type. It is he who makes up 85–90% of all types of diabetes mellitus and most often develops in people over 40 years of age.

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