Glucometer Accu -Chek Active: time-tested and affordable

If you have diabetes, then you must have a glucometer . One of the first mass glucometers in our country was the devices of the Swiss company Roche . Among them are Accu – Chek Active ( Accu-chek active ). Users are surprised by its accuracy and durability. Many still keep 15-year-old devices of this model, which still accurately determine the amount of glucose in their blood.

Benefits of a glucometer Accu -Chek Active

First of all, this glucometer is convenient in its compact size and at the same time a large screen. Powered by 1 CR 2032 battery for 1000 measurements. And it’s also very easy to use.

1. To measure blood glucose (sugar), you just need to insert a test strip into the glucometer and apply a drop of blood to the desired place. The result will be on the screen in 5 seconds.

2. You can also apply blood to the test strip first and then insert it into the meter . In this case, the result will be in 10 seconds.

3. There is a possibility of blood donation. If there is not enough blood on the test strip for a correct measurement, the meter will beep.

4. It is possible to set icons indicating the time of analysis. For example, a whole apple means it was measured before eating, a bitten apple means after. It is very convenient to track trends, identify your mistakes in compensation and quickly eliminate them.

5. Data from the glucometer can be transferred to a laptop or computer via a USB cable. The desired program is downloaded and installed with two clicks via the Internet.

6. In Accu -Chek Active, you can set the time – and it will remind you with a sound signal that it is time to measure blood sugar.

7. Stores 500 measurements in memory with date and time. In addition, the meter can calculate your average blood sugar readings for the last 7, 14, 30, and 90 days.

In numerous reviews about this glucometer , people with diabetes note its advantages:

  • convenience,
  • maximum accuracy of results,
  • affordable price for test strips – which is often the determining factor in choosing a glucometer .

Among the shortcomings, Accu -Chek Active users most often indicate that the test strip itself does not draw blood, as, for example, test strips in a glucometer do. Accu – Check Performa ( Accu-Check Performa ), for example.

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