High sugar in the morning: top three reasons

Here are the 3 main causes of high morning blood glucose:

✔ ️ The phenomenon of “morning dawn”
✔ ️ Lack of basal insulin
✔ ️ Night hypoglycemia

To understand what is happening in your situation, you need to take at least 3 nighttime BG measurements:

✔ ️00: 00
✔ ️03: 00
✔ ️06: 00 ⠀

Then it is important to analyze the sugars:

⬆ ️ A sharp and pronounced increase in blood glucose mainly in the morning hours (+/- from 4 to 7, but all individually). Most likely, the matter is in the “morning dawn”.
✅ Solution: use an insulin pump or short / ultrashort insulin.

↗ ️ A smooth rise in blood sugar during the night until the morning – most likely a lack of basal insulin.
✅ Solution: If the situation persists for several days, then increase the dose of intermediate-acting insulin or analogue long-acting insulin (whichever you have), in order to achieve your target fasting blood glucose.

⬇ ️ Found a decrease in blood sugar at 03: 00-04: 00? In this case, high blood sugar on an empty stomach is a “ricochet” after nocturnal hypoglycemia.
✅ Solution: Reduce your basal insulin dose. Genetically engineered insulins have a pronounced peak of action 6 hours after administration. This is why it is important to periodically check your blood sugar at night.

There are also other factors that can affect the situation: miscalculation in the evening, a late dinner high in protein and fat, sudden stress or illness, PMS, taking certain medications.

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