Insulin is no longer needed

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that causes great
difficulties in the treatment of doctors, and serious problems in patients. For more than
ninety years, insulin has been used to treat this disease – a hormone that
is produced by the pancreas, and which is the culprit of the
disease. All control over the patient, and the right dosage for him are purely subjective, and depend on the experience of the attending physician.  

An excess of
insulin and its deficiency in the body are dangerous for the patient’s life . In addition, a high level of insulin
contributes to the development of other diseases. Now, thanks to the discovery of scientists,
insulin is no longer needed by diabetics. Rodent experiments have
shown that sugar levels can be controlled using another hormone.

Leptin is responsible for appetite and is produced by the body.
After its introduction to animals, even the insulin effect exceeded the effect. Importantly,
this hormone does not cause metabolic disorders and does not endanger
the cardiovascular system. Leptin, on the contrary, reduced both cholesterol and the
weight of experimental subjects. Therefore, it remains to wait for the drug to pass all the necessary
clinical trials, and will go into free circulation.

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