Stages of diabetes

The stages of diabetes mellitus are successive stages of development of this disease. Diabetes mellitus refers to chronic diseases, whose symptoms progress over time. Unfortunately, once delivered, the diagnosis   diabetes is lifelong. Despite all the achievements of medical science, doctors have not learned to completely relieve the patient from this disease.

What is diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a group of diseases, the main feature of which is an increase in sugar content in peripheral blood. This may be due to the lack of insulin of its own, which is characteristic of type 1 diabetes. Also, the reason may be that the tissues of the body have become insensitive to insulin – this is how it happens   sugar   diabetes 2   type Another separate form of the disease is gestational diabetes, the symptoms of the disease manifest during pregnancy and end with its completion.

What are the main stages of the disease?

Stages of diabetes mellitus that take place in any patient with this disease.

1. Prediabetes

This is a condition when the disease itself is not yet there, but everything goes to that. Here are signs that can alert a person to his risk of getting diabetes.

  • Burdened heredity

Parents or grandparents of most people with diabetes also suffered from this disease. This is especially true for type 1 diabetes.

  • Obesity

Excess weight is a risk factor for diabetes, because it provokes insulin resistance, that is, tissue insulin sensitivity. As a result   glucose   cannot get to the tissues that need it, and the person is experiencing hunger, which makes him increasingly look into the refrigerator. The result is sad: the weight is growing more. It turns out a vicious circle, and it is very difficult to break it.

  • Birth of big children

“The bogatyr gave birth!” – so it is often said about a woman who produced a child larger than 4500 g. Of course, this is a matter of pride for dad. However, this may be an alarming bell that in the future such a woman can get diabetes. The risk increases if there were several such children.

2. The latent diabetes

This stage, when clinical manifestations are still missing. However, during the examination it is possible to identify a violation of glucose tolerance. That is, fasting sugar can be normal (fall in the range of 3.3 – 5.5 mmol / l) or be at the upper limit of normal. However, 2 hours after taking a glucose solution, this figure may be higher than the permissible norm of 7.8 mmol / l, but less than 11.1 mmol / l. The stage of latent diabetes means that if you start preventive measures in time, you can avoid developing the disease. However, if nothing is changed, the probability of getting sick is very high.

3. Explicit diabetes

This stage, at which clinical manifestations are present, blood sugar indicators are above the norm. A person may be worried about thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, weakness, weight loss (type 1 diabetes) or vice versa, his rapid set (type 2 diabetes). In this case, it is necessary to consult an endocrinologist for an individual treatment as soon as possible.

The first 2 stages of diabetes are conditions that can be corrected. If the disease has passed into a clear stage – the diagnosis will remain forever.

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