Sweaty feet. How to get rid of sweating feet?

Bad smell and excessive sweating of the feet is a problem that worries so many people. The production of sweat on the feet is a natural and natural process, but there are people who smell so unpleasant from their feet that it turns into a real disaster. People suffering from this problem are afraid to take off their shoes in front of others, so as not to irritate friends and family, they often carry spare socks with them, try to wash their feet as often as possible. If a similar problem bothers you, we will show you how to get rid of sweating feet .           

Unpleasant foot odor appears due to excessive sweating. A person has thousands of sweat glands on each leg, producing up to 200 ml of sweat daily. But the legs sweat even more in those who lead an active lifestyle, spend a lot of time on their feet, and play sports. Foot sweat, which is treated below, can be exacerbated by agitation, stress, fear, or illness.    

Sweat is composed of water and salt, so it itself has no odor. The appearance of an unpleasant odor is associated with the multiplication of bacteria. Human feet are the natural habitat of many bacteria that feed on sweat as well as dead skin cells. Waste vital activity of bacteria and impart just feet, shoes and socks characteristic, unpleasant odor. The situation is aggravated when a person wears closed shoes or socks made of synthetics.        

What is the treatment for foot sweating?

  1. You need to change your socks and tights every day, even if they still look clean. The fact is that the smell, imperceptible today, becomes even stronger the next day .  
  2. You can’t always wear the same shoes. Each pair of shoes should be regularly ventilated.
  3. You should wash your feet with soap every day.
  4. Rub a special cream into the feet ( Dialine Active Foot Cream , etc.), which normalizes the sweating of the feet.  
  5. Socks should be made of natural fabrics, as synthetics are only harmful. Special hypoallergenic socks for diabetics DIALINE with silver prevent unpleasant odors and are very hygienic.   

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