Why is diabetes mellitus dangerous?

In patients with diabetes mellitus, blood glucose levels are constantly elevated. In this case, the blood becomes thicker, excess glucose penetrates into the walls of blood vessels, as a result of which they become easily injured, impermeable to nutrients, and lose elasticity. Subsequently, this leads to the occurrence of minor hemorrhages, in the place of which over time there are growths of connective tissue, which have a negative effect on the functioning of organs.

Most often, the consequences of diabetes mellitus affect the eyes, lower limbs, kidneys and gums. This disease also negatively affects large vessels, as a result of which atherosclerosis is actively developing, causing myocardial infarction and stroke.

That is why it is so important that every person from the very first days of his illness knows what the danger of diabetes mellitus is and what he should do to prevent the occurrence of complications of this disease.

First of all, the patient must understand that diabetes mellitus is dangerous only if it is neglected or, on the contrary, is too upset because of it. If a person is well informed about his illness, and at the same time applies all his knowledge in practice, then in his life there will certainly be much less troubles and restrictions.

Great helper for people with diabetes will DVDdiski “lecturers for diabetics. A course of video lectures ”, as well as a CD“ Diabetes. Rational and varied nutrition “. They will help patients get the correct idea of ​​the disease, the organization of proper nutrition, and what will help them avoid complications.

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